Following the riots on Capitol Hill, people ask: What happens next?

Capitol riots
Posted at 4:12 PM, Jan 07, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-07 19:15:09-05

WASHINGTON, D.C. (KERO) — Following the events Wednesday at the capitol one big question you or your family may have is what happens next after the Capitol riots? What will change with the inauguration? What is the 25th Amendment and could it be invoked against President Donald Trump? Not to mention, could this tragedy somehow lead to new unity in our country and bipartisan economic relief?

Scripps reporter Joe St. George is tackling those questions with some answers.

The country is still reeling from what we all saw at the U.S. Capitol Wednesday. Insurrection, rioting. If you are wondering what happens now you aren't alone. One big question is what about the upcoming inauguration?

Around the capitol near the inaugural platform a new, large fence is being constructed the day after the Capitol was under siege - a sign security for the inauguration is being reconfigured. National Guardsmen literally sitting on buses waiting for orders.

For Kevin, in town from New Jersey, he's thinking what many are wondering: Why wasn't this up before?

"I think it's pretty funny the fences are going up now that's what we talked about last night I think they knew this was going to happen."

Another question is what happens next with President Trump? He only has a few days left in office but Facebook has blocked his account, a number of top staffers have resigned, and there are now reports the 25th Amendment could potentially be invoked.

That process requires a majority of Trump's cabinet, as well as the vice president, to tell Congress he is unfit for office, taking away his powers.

Presidential Scholar, Dr. John White of Catholic University, explains why this process exists

"The reason the 25th Amendment came up was that after the Kennedy assassination there had been concerns about what would have happened if President Kennedy lived for a time."

Finally, could a spirit of unity sweep Congress resulting in new laws impacting your family? The answer really depends on who you ask.

Kevin, who did not participate in the riots at the Capitol but is a Trump supporter, said this country is bitterly divided.

"I think there is a lot of anger, people are close to the edge nowadays."

Professor White though thinks Republicans may want to join Democrats in the coming months to pass bipartisan ideas like stimulus checks and economic aid.

"I think there is an opportunity. The lawmakers themselves who had to take cover to realize this is an inflection point ."

The next few hours and the next few days will be critical in determining what's next for our country.