Proposition 10 aims at expanding rent control laws

Posted at 7:36 PM, Oct 31, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-31 22:36:51-04

Proposition 10 aims at expanding local governments' ability to impose rent control and limit how much landlords can increase rent. 

Under the state's current law, rents on single family and apartments can't be controlled. 

Camila Chavez with the Dolores Huerta Foundation is a vocal supporter of Proposition 10. She says that imposing rent control will help combat the homelessness crisis in the state. 

"This is really to address those bad apples, those that are increasing rent significantly and putting families out on the streets," said Chavez. 

Advocates of the proposition say it will help put a fair limit on rent hikes. 

"Any apartment or single family home that was built after 1995 would then fall under rent control to make sure that the increases that do happen are at a reasonable rate," said Chavez. 

But those who are against Proposition 10 claim it would hurt the affordable housing crisis by discouraging new housing development. Voting 'NO' would keep current laws in place that restrict rent control laws. 

The Greater Bakersfield Chamber of Commerce are among those in opposition.

In a statement to 23ABC, officials say the proposition would, "Be a huge disadvantage to people looking for affordable housing in the state."