Who is running in the 2022 California Primary Election?

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Posted at 3:49 PM, Apr 06, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-06 18:49:09-04

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KERO) — The mail-in ballots for the 2022 California Primary will start going out in a month with only two months away from the election. And with recent re-districting, there have been some changes as to who is running where.


  • Gavin Newsom, Democratic (Incumbent)
  • Anthony Trimino, Republican
  • Reinette Senum, No Party Preference
  • Armando "Mando" Perez-Serrato, Democratic
  • James G. Hanink, No Party Preference
  • Leo S. Zacky, Republican
  • Joel Ventresca, Democratic
  • Robert C. Newman Ii, Republican
  • Luis Javier Rodriguez, Green
  • Jenny Rae Le Roux, Republican
  • Major Williams, Republican
  • Anthony "Tony" Fanara, Democratic
  • Cristian Raul Morales, Republican
  • Daniel R. Mercuri, Republican
  • Heather Collins, Green
  • Ronald A. Anderson, Republican
  • Brian Dahle, Republican
  • David Lozano, Republican
  • Bradley Zink, No Party Preference
  • Serge Fiankan, No Party Preference
  • Frederic C. Schultz, No Party Preference
  • Shawn Collins, Republican
  • Michael Shellenberger, No Party Preference
  • Lonnie Sortor, Republican
  • Ron Jones, Republican
  • Woodrow "Woody" Sanders Iii, No Party Preference

Lieutenant Governor

  • Eleni Kounalakis, Democratic (Incumbent)
  • David Fennell, Republican
  • Jeffrey Highbear Morgan, Democratic
  • William Cavett "Skee" Saacke, Democratic
  • David Hillberg, No Party Preference
  • Clint W. Saunders, Republican
  • Angela E. Underwood Jacobs, Republican
  • Mohammad Arif, Peace and Freedom

Secretary of State

  • Shirley N. Weber, Democratic (Incumbent)
  • Rachel Hamm, Republican
  • Gary N. Blenner, Green
  • Raul Rodriguez Jr., Republican
  • Matthew D. Cinquanta, No Party Preference
  • James "Jw" Paine, Republican
  • Rob Bernosky, Republican

State Controller

  • Ron Galperin, Democratic
  • Malia M. Cohen, Democratic
  • Lanchee Chen, Republican
  • Yvonne Yiu, Democratic
  • Laura Wells, Green
  • Steve Glazer, Democratic

State Treasurer

  • Fiona Ma, Democratic (Incumbent)
  • Meghann Adams, Peace and Freedom
  • Jack M. Guerrero, Republican
  • Andrew Do, Republican

State Attorney General

  • Rob Bonta, Democratic (Incumbent)
  • Nathan Hochman, Republican
  • Anne Marie Schubert, No Party Preference
  • Eric Early, Republican
  • Dan Kapelovitz, Green

State Insurance Commissioner

  • Ricardo Lara, Democratic (Incumbent)
  • Vinson Eugene Allen, Democratic
  • Veronika Fimbres, Green
  • Marc Levine, Democratic
  • Nathalie Hrizi, Peace and Freedom
  • Jasper "Jay" Jackson, Democratic
  • Robert Howell, Republican
  • Robert J. Molnar, No Party Preference
  • Greg Conlon, Republican

Member, State Board of Equalization, 1st District

  • Ted Gaines, Republican (Incumbent)
  • Braden Murphy, Democratic
  • Jose S. Altamirano, Democratic
  • Nader Shahatit, Democratic

United States Senator

  • Alex Padilla, Democratic (Incumbent)
  • Akinyemi Agbede, Democratic
  • Daphne Bradford, No Party Preference
  • Mark P. Meuser, Republican
  • James P. Bradley, Republican
  • Don J. Grundmann, No Party Preference
  • Obaidul Huq Pirjada, Democratic
  • John Thompson Parker, Peace and Freedom
  • Robert George Lucero, Jr, Republican
  • Carlos Guillermo Tapia, Republican
  • Chuck Smith, Republican
  • Deon D. Jenkins, No Party Preference
  • Eleanor Garcia, No Party Preference
  • James 'Henk' Conn, Green
  • Pamela Elizondo, Green
  • Sarah Sun Liew, Republican
  • Cordie Williams, Republican
  • Douglas Howard Pierce, Democratic
  • Dan O'Dowd, Democratic
  • Myron L. Hall, Republican
  • Enrique Petris, Republican
  • Jon Elist, Republican
  • Timothy J Ursich, Democratic

United States Senator - Partial/unexpired Term

  • Alex Padilla, Democratic (Incumbent)
  • Mark P. Meuser, Republican
  • James P. Bradley, Republican
  • Daphne Bradford, No Party Preference
  • Dan O'Dowd, Democratic
  • Jon Elist, Republican
  • Timothy Ursich Jr., Democratic
  • Myron L. Hall, Republican

U.S. Representative, 20th Congressional District

  • Ben Dewell, Democratic
  • James Davis, Republican
  • Kevin Mccarthy, Republican
  • James Macauley, Republican
  • Marisa Wood, Democratic

U.S. Representative, 22nd Congressional District

  • David G. Valadao, Republican
  • Chris Mathys, Republican
  • Rudy Salas, Democratic
  • Adam Medeiros, Republican

U.S. Representative, 23rd Congressional District

  • Derek Marshall, Democratic
  • Jay Obernolte, Republican
  • Blanca A. Gómez, Democratic

State Senator, 12th District

  • Shannon Grove, Republican
  • Susanne Gundy, Democratic

State Senator, 16th District

  • Bryan Osorio, Democratic
  • Gregory Tatum, Republican
  • Nicole Parra, Democratic
  • Melissa Hurtado, Democratic
  • David Shepard, Republican

Member of the State Assembly, 32nd District

  • Vince Fong, Republican

Member of the State Assembly, 34th District

  • Roger Laplante, No Party Preference
  • Paul Fournier, Republican
  • Thurston "Smitty' Smith, Republican
  • Raj Kahlon, Democratic
  • Rita Ramirez Dean, Democratic
  • Tom Lackey, Republican

Member of the State Assembly, 35th District

  • Leticia Perez, Democratic
  • Jasmeet Bains, Democratic

Judge, Superior Court, Office # 6 (Non-Partisan County)

  • Michael A. Caves

Judge, Superior Court, Office # 10 (Non-Partisan County)

  • T. Mark Smith

State Superintendent of Public Instruction (Non-Partisan County)

  • Tony K. Thurmond (Incumbent)
  • George Yang
  • Marco Amaral
  • Jim Gibson
  • Joseph Guy Campbell
  • Lance Ray Christensen
  • Ainye E. Long

Kern County Superintendent, of Schools (Non-Partisan County)

  • Mary C. Barlow (Incumbent)

Kern County Supervisor, 2nd District (Non-Partisan County)

  • Zack Scrivner (Incumbent)
  • Kelly L. Carden Jr
  • Pete Graff

Kern County Supervisor, 3rd District (Non-Partisan County)

  • Jeffrey Flores
  • Brian Smith
  • Louis Gill

Kern County Assessor-Recorder (Non-Partisan County)

  • Laura Jeanne Avila
  • Todd Reeves

Kern County Auditor-Controller-County Clerk (Non-Partisan County)

  • Aimee X. Espinoza
  • Mark Mckenzie

Kern County District Attorney (Non-Partisan County)

  • Cynthia Zimmer (Incumbent)

Kern County Sheriff-Coroner-Public Administrator (Non-Partisan County)

  • Donny Youngblood

Kern County Treasurer-Tax Collector (Non-Partisan County)

  • Jordan A. Kaufman