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Bars and breweries brace for current regional stay at home order

Posted at 5:19 PM, Dec 07, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-08 00:09:18-05

Now that the Regional Stay at Home Order has been enacted, Sunday, 23ABC spoke with Pyrneeses who says they wish they could defy the order but the risk is too great, while one brewery says they are going to remain as open as they can.

"I am so fearful of my liquor license that I feel like we have to— we are pushed up against the wall and backed into a corner with that being said and if I didn’t have that to lose, I would be open," said Julie Crawford, owner of Pyrenees Cafe and Silver Fox.

Julie Crawford is one of the owners of Pyrenees Cafe and the Silver Fox bar. Crawford says she has not been able to open the Silver Fox since march but has decided to fully close the Basque Restaurant during this order.

"We did try to do the takeout the last time and we watched our bank account just dwindle to zero in two weeks—with the Basque food style it's just too hard to do," added Crawford

Due to the San Joaquin Valley‘s ICU capacity falling under 15%, it triggered this regional stay at home order issued by the governor. As of Sunday evening according to the California Department of Public Health, the San Joaquin valley ICU capacity is at 6.6%.

Industries that must close down include hair salons, barbershops, museums, movie theaters, playgrounds, all outdoor dining bars, and breweries.

"I think a lot of small business owners feel like we are presented an opportunity to either die fighting, that is to say, stay open and buck the seems here and make the money we can make or shut down. Which feels like giving up," said Evan Morgan, director of Sales and Marketing, Crusader Brewing.

The nearly two-year-old Crusader Brewing Company in Southwest Bakersfield says they understand the seriousness of the spread of COVID-19 but believes it should be up to the customers to make the ultimate choice. When asked if the brewery plans to close here is what they had to say.

"I think we are going to follow the same guidelines that Kern County is willing to enforce and want to do and if the state feels like they want to stop us we are welcoming them in but we are going to stay as open as we possibly can and that's all I'm going to say about that one."