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VIDEO: Dick's Sporting Goods targeted by thieves in Bay area

Posted at 11:32 AM, May 24, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-24 14:32:40-04

Surveillance video taken from inside Dick's Sporting Goods shows a crew of four trying to run right out of the front door-- arms loaded with stolen merchandise.

The suspects suddenly dropped the goods at the door and run back inside. Why? Because a cop, who happened to be on patrol and noticed them, is running after them.

Sgt. Mike Kristic from Pleasant Hill Police said, "He was right there so he got into a brief foot pursuit and was able to capture one of them."

She is 18-year-old Zahra McCockran. The other four accomplices are younger teenagers.

Concord resident, Jeanie Ibarra said, "They're just getting very, very bold and taking and thinking they can get away with it."

That's exactly what happened at Dick's in Fairfield earlier this month.

Fairfield police posted a video of a robbery there. It shows three women loaded up and walked right out of the store.

All while telling store security to stay away from them. One even started attacking security for trying to stop her.

Pleasant Hill police are now checking if that incident is related to theirs.

Sgt. Kristic said, "It appears there are more than one crew that are committing these crimes and hitting these larger sporting goods stores."

Shopper Sarah Lewis said, "It's scary. We both work, pay for our stuff it's like upping the cost and makes things a little bit harder and makes shopping a little bit harder."

ABC7 contributed to this story.