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Senator Kamala Harris issues statement on Supreme Court birth control ruling

Posted at 10:29 PM, Jul 08, 2020

The Supreme Court has issued a ruling that allows President Donald Trump to weaken the Obamacare contraceptive mandate. The law requires that employer-provided health insurance plans cover birth control as a preventive service at no cost.

The decision clears the way for expanded exemptions for employers who have religious or moral objections to the mandate.

The religious exception rule lets private employers get exemptions based on a "sincerely held religious belief." Another rule extends that provision to organizations and small businesses with moral objections not based on religion.

A lower court had ruled against the Trump administration. The Supreme Court's 7-2 ruling on Wednesday reverses that decision.

Senator Kamala Harris released a statement regarding the ruling:

“Today’s ruling is a setback for reproductive health. As our country continues to face an unprecedented public health crisis, we should be building upon the success of the ACA and expanding access to affordable health care for everyone in America. Instead, the Trump administration has relentlessly attempted to rip health care away from millions of people across the country, including the 61.4 million people whose contraception has been covered without out-of-pocket costs thanks to the ACA.

“For scores of workers, the Court ruled that whether their health insurance covers birth control is up to their boss. This decision is dangerous, particularly for people of color, low-wage workers, and LGBTQ+ people who are more likely to face financial and other barriers to care. Now, more than ever, Congress must take action to protect and expand access to contraception and other reproductive health care.”