Derek Carr: A Good Samaritan off the Field

Good Samaritan Derek Carr makes 49ers fan's day
Posted at 12:19 PM, Mar 16, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-16 18:59:39-04

Raiders Quarterback, Derek Carr, has proven his Commitment to Excellence on, but especially off, the field time and time again.

This time, it was on the side of a road. Carr came to the assistance of a man who was stranded on the side of the road because his car ran out of gas.

Music Producer and DJ, Ron Reeser, shared his recent encounter with Carr, whose identity was not revealed to Reeser until they got back to his car.

The post started with “My faith in humanity has been restored”.

Reeser explains how his car was on empty. He happened to be on his way to the gas station when suddenly, the car ran out of gas at the light. With the gas can in hand, he started to walk toward the nearest gas station when a black Delani pulled up next to him.

“The man asked me if everything was ok. I said I ran outta gas. He said hop in I'll take you.”

The two men introduce themselves to each other and engage in conversation as they drive to the gas station.

“I ask him what he does and he says I play football and is heavily into God and wants to become a pastor someday when he retires. We pull up to the gas station I fill up the can, hop back in his truck and I ask him what position he plays. He says, ‘I'm a quarterback.’ ‘What string,’ I ask. ‘1st string,’ he says. So I ask him what his favorite team is and he replies, "Well I'm a little biased cause I play for the Raiders..."

That’s when the man who helped Reeser reveals that his name is Derek Carr.

Reeser, dumbfounded, went speechless in disbelief of his situation and that someone of Carr’s background was so humble.   

When they reached Reeser’s car, they exchanged information. But, Carr wasn’t done just yet. He offered to pray for him. They prayed together by his car.

“Not only was that experience surreal, I will always remember that for the rest of my life,” Reeser recalls. “The universe works in mysterious ways, we just have to keep the faith.”

He encourages everyone to stay positive and pay it forward when the opportunity arises.

Reeser, originally a 49er fan before his incident with Carr, joked that he reconsidered his NFL team loyalty and possibly gave the Raiders a new fan.

“I’m ready for the rest of the week and possibly just became a #Raiders fan LOL.”