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Oklahoma trooper OK after scary collision on the side of a highway

Trooper Jesse Gregory is OK after the frightening collision, but the incident came weeks after his friend was injured in a similar crash.
Oklahoma trooper OK after scary collision on the side of a highway
Posted at 5:25 AM, Jan 25, 2024

Officials in Oklahoma released video of a vehicle slamming into the driver's side of an SUV pulled over on the side of an interstate while a trooper stood on the passenger side. 

The incident occurred in the Oklahoma City area on Jan. 18. 

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol member was identified as Trooper Jesse Gregory. Officials said Gregory and both drivers were treated and released from the hospital.

"We show this video as a graphic reminder of the consequences of distracted or impaired driving and the importance of the slow down, move over law. We are in the middle of a distracted driving emphasis right now in honor of Trooper Nicholas Dees, who lost his life in the line of duty after being struck by a distracted driver," the Highway Patrol said. 

The video showed Gregory leaping into a ditch as a black SUV slammed into the parked white SUV.  Gregory was standing near the passenger-side window when the incident occurred. 

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In an interview with KWTV-TV in Oklahoma City, Gregory said he considers himself "lucky." 

"I couldn't believe it happened to me, but I was thankful to walk away from it," Gregory told KWTV. "And after watching the video, I don't even remember barrel-rolling to my feet."

Last week's incident followed a similar incident on Jan. 5, which involved a Canadian County, Oklahoma, deputy. Deputy Jose Mendoza sustained arm, leg and foot injuries, the Canadian County Sheriff's Office said. The incident occurred in Mustang, Oklahoma, just west of Oklahoma City. 

The Jan. 5 incident was fresh in Gregory's mind. 

"Deputy Jose Mendoza is a really good friend of mine, and he's our neighbor," Gregory told KWTV. "He was struck in the same situation. I was less than a mile from him and I was first on scene and called for help for him."

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