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Trump campaign on possible vice president pick announcement: 'to be determined'

Advisors to former President Donald Trump said they hope the moderators don't influence the discussion heavily as they focus on the unique rules of Thursday's debate.
Former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden speak at separate campaign events
Posted at 6:22 PM, Jun 27, 2024

Former President Donald Trump's campaign focused on the rules set out for Thursday's debate airing on CNN — with particular interest in the way he and President Joe Biden would face muting of the microphones and various other rules from moderators — presenting some unique methods for trying to mitigate interruptions.

Danielle Alvarez, a senior adviser to former President Trump said, "The hope from our campaign, because of the way the debate rules are set up, the moderators can really put their thumb on the scale. So, we're hoping that this is a one-on-one debate, and not a three-on-one debate."

Alvarez said, "President Trump is ready to be tough when he needs to be, is ready to make sure that Joe Biden answers for his failure."

President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump

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Lawmakers react on first Trump, Biden presidential debate of 2024

Nathaniel Reed
2:14 PM, Jun 27, 2024

The two campaigns went into debate night presenting their sides and visions for how America should move forward — and solutions they have for issues facing the country, which some may call "spin" in politics.

Trump's campaign said the former president appeared relaxed before the debate stage.

House members were asked by Scripps News if they had any advice for the candidates, but members responded as expected — supporting the candidate that represented their party. Lawmakers were largely expected to say the candidate tied to their party would be the winner for the night.

Sen. Cynthia Lummis, a Wyoming Republican, said she would advise Trump to "Be forward-looking, talk about the future. President Trump has solutions to the problems this country is facing — illegal immigration, inflation. And, if he focuses on the issues and his solutions, he's going to be a walk-away winner."