Recent Ridgecrest earthquake leads to run on survival kits

Posted at 4:59 PM, Jul 05, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-05 19:59:19-04

Cristina Martinez left SOS Survival Products with an arm full of emergency survival kits.

"I guess the earthquake shook me up a little bit so I just want to be ready for my kids and my grandkids just in case," she said.

She wasn't alone. The Van Nuys store had a steady stream of people picking up supplies.

"After the 94 I remember the struggle for just getting water so I know we are due but we do what we can," said Michael Romero.

"Business tends to pick up after disasters," explained Jeff Edelstein.

Edelstein is the owner of SOS Survival and says everyone living in California should have these basics.

"The most important things to me are water and food, first aid supplies, lighting & sanitation supplies as well."

They put kits together to make it easy but say anyone can put their own kit together with a minimum of 3 days worth of supplies. Edelstein says you should prepare for 7 days and have multiple kits.

"Under the bed, in a hallway closet by the front door is a good place, in each car, maybe on the side of the house and sometimes in the garage because you don't know where damage is going to be."

He says you need shoes and gloves under your bed in that emergency kit.

"Take an old backpack that you can put these items in, if you wear glasses have an extra pair of glasses, a flashlight or light sticks, a whistle so if you are stuck in your room, blowing a whistle is more piercing than yelling and screaming and a crowbar if the door jam has shifted you might have to pry open the door or break a window."