23ABC Sports: High school football and Dodgers home opener

BHS will miss its second straight game
Posted at 7:51 PM, Apr 08, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-08 22:51:09-04

We enter another week of high school football. The fourth for those who kicked off the season and the third for the Kern High School District. And yet again, some teams will still be missing from the field on Friday due to COVID-19.

The Bakersfield Drillers are once again missing a game as they follow the protocols put in place in return for football. This is the second straight week that COVID-19 has held the team off the field. BHS is set to return to practice on Monday the 12th and is set to make up this week's scheduled game against Ridgeview on April 30th. Meanwhile, the Stockdale Mustangs who missed two straight weeks of play as well, including their game with BHS, will hit the field for the first time this season as they play at Centennial on Friday.

And speaking of getting back, the Cal State Bakersfield baseball team comes off their 14-day hiatus to open up a home series against UC Davis. While the 'Runners got a taste of winning following their Big West Conference opener against UC Riverside the team was stalled when a player had a potential positive case. The team is 6-5 heading into the four-game homestand but will get some extra support as these will be the first games CSUB will have limited fans.

The reigning champs are officially coming home as the Los Angeles Dodgers open up Dodgers stadium for their home opener Friday. The team comes into a three-game homestand hosting the Nationals at 5-2 after falling to the Athletics Wednesday 4-3.

Not only will the team be eager to be back on their home field but so will the passionate of the Blue Crew - the fans. They will get to see the $100 million renovations for the first time due to the shortened and fanless 2020 season. Around 15,000 fans will get to see a new center field plaza which includes a new entrance into the park and of course a chance to see some memorabilia from the championship season. For new faces and familiar ones on the team, it will feel good to be back in front of fans.