Danny Overton finds purpose on the football field following tragedy

Danny Overton of Frontier
Posted at 2:16 PM, May 25, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-25 17:16:47-04

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. — During week three of the Kern High School’s District’s spring high school football season, the Frontier Titans defeated Bakersfield High School 28-7.

Junior running back and linebacker Danny Overton led the team in rushing with 92 yards and scored twice.

But that game wasn’t about the score or the stats. It was about who the titans were playing for.

“I didn't want to like go straight back to football because it was just like, it was a rough time, but I knew that if I went back, it would help me through everything,” Overton said.

Earlier that week Danny’s 17-year-old step-brother Anthony “A.J.” Terrill unexpectedly died in a tragic accident.

“We had a really good bond and we did everything like we loved the same stuff we love playing football, we love to skate together, we did anything together,” Overton said.

After a few days with family, Danny decided to return to the field and with a new purpose.

“I knew I was going to play as hard as I could and do as much as I can. I just knew I was going to dedicate that game to him,” Overton said.

“You know even him one day a week preparing you know he's gonna give everything he has to the game to his team. And so that was, you know, as a coach, you kind of take a backseat to what's going on,” Frontier Head Coach Chris Bandy said.

Chris Bandy and his staff, almost straight out of a movie, watched Danny have a breakout performance. Just five days after losing his brother.

“It seemed like every big play came to him, like it was just meant to be so it was, it was definitely emotional for us coaches too because we like I mean you know we care about him so much we care about all our guys like they're our own so to see him go through that was tough, but then to see him come out of that and the way he handled it. As a young man and, You know, really made us proud of him,” Bandy said.

And a family already, the bond of these Titans grew stronger.

“I think every single one person texted me at least one time, I got multiple texts from three different people and it just made me feel like I was loved by this family, and every coach texted me and it just made me want to come out and support them and like how they were supporting me through the rough time.”

Frontier would finish the season 4-1 as Danny capped the spring with a hat-trick performance.

“I knew coming out that game I wanted to show my seniors my brother on the show everyone when I was about, just so coming back next year, I'm gonna do the same thing,” Overton said.

As Danny is already putting in the work to build off this season for next year, there’s the realization that A.J. won’t be in the stands to see that progress, but he’ll be even closer. As No. 15 will continue playing for both of them.

“How much he loved football and how much I should be living football just because I find out he can't play right now, down here, then I should be playing for him while he's up there. he's proud of like everyone and everything. Everyone's doing like outside of sports and stuff like that,” Overton said.

“I just tell him that I love him. I'll be having a good time like I know he is, he is a really energetic person and is really good person.”

Danny will suit up in the fall for his senior season with higher expectations for himself and extra motivation from above.