From Delano to Division One, Julianna Tabian signs letter of intent to play at Jackson State

Posted at 12:00 AM, Nov 13, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-13 03:00:49-05

DELANO, Calif. — Cesar Chavez's Julianna Tabian has a big smile, a big heart and a big love for sports.

“I was a dancer volleyball player, soccer player, trying to think what else track and my love for softball was just the main focus," Chavez senior Julianna Tabian said.

Ever since the age of three-years-old, softball has loved her right back.

"Softball is a game of hardship and failure. And so being faced with many failures helps you become mentally stronger, and to work with those around you to all come together and get the big W," Tabianna says with a smile. "I just love that feeling, just when you hit a home run or your center fielder makes a catch. It's just love."

Her biggest at-bat would come from someone not on the softball field as she focused her goals on playing in college beginning her freshman year.

"It was just like a roller coaster I didn't know whether I was gonna be signed or who's going to pick me up. And, this was just a bunch of weight off my shoulders," Tabian said.

Following a shortened junior season due to COVID-19, Julianna finally had her home run moment when she officially signed to play in college.

"And I had been waiting for this is a moment I've been dreaming of since I was a young girl. And just the tears are flowing and nothing but smiles and hugs. I'm truly blessed," Tabian said.

The pitcher and outfielder will be joining the Jackson State University softball program after she finishes her high school career, becoming the first in her family to sign to a Division One school.

"Being the youngest I've always been kind of competitive, to be better than them. So again this moment I'm kind of like this. I got my time to shine. It just shows that if you put your heart and soul into anything it's achievable," Tabian said.

This Titan-turned-Tiger believes she'll be a good fit for JSU.

"My motto is you look good, you feel good. You feel good, you play good. And so, that model fits perfectly for Jackson, so I just fit right in. I love it, there's a bunch of good food. The coaches and the softball players are just so welcoming, and I just love that," Tabian said.

Before she moves from California to Mississippi, she hopes to have one final season with her Chavez teammates.

"Just to make our dreams come true out there, just to bond one last time and get one more toss of the ball," Tabian said.

Grateful to everyone who has helped her reach her sports dreams.

"I just want to give a special thanks to the Lord for blessing me with just this special moment for me my family also want to thank my loved ones, and my supporters who have just helped me throughout this journey has been a rocky road or they've had nothing but faith in me and I wouldn't be where I am without them. So thank you," Tabian said.