Jordan Love under pressure and he's not even under center in Green Bay, yet

Posted at 12:03 AM, Apr 29, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-29 03:03:29-04

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. — Quarterbacks know that pressure feels like. Jordan Love, the Packers' recent 26th overall draft pick, is feeling some kind of pressure and he's not even under center in Green Bay, yet.

Andy Herman, editor of the Packer Report and owner of the daily Pack-A-Day Podcast has quite a bit of Packer experience to know what kind of pressure Love may be going through.

"I've been in green bay, my entire life. I've been covering the packers in some capacity, probably throughout almost the entire time, but probably in the last 10 years," Herman said.

A fan during the Brett Favre years and now a reporter for a majority of Aaron Rodgers' reign as Green Bay's starter. So, does this Packers reporter believe Love is capable to be the next one?

"That's the million dollar question and certainly the Packers think so if they were able to to aggressively move up to go and get him in the draft, the talent is all there," Herman said.

"And, I think there's some, you know, reason to believe that they maybe want to energize Aaron Rodgers and have him play a little bit with that chip on his shoulder."

Funny enough the Packers newest quarterback plays with that same mentality.

In a pre-draft interview Love said this, "I'm going to always wear that chip on my shoulder. From Bakersfield and then also, at Utah State, you know, another smaller school, it's kind of the same situation, all over again."

Having to wait for the starting nod isn't always the easiest thing but something Love has gotten comfortable with both in Utah and in Bakersfield. Just another bit of adversity he'll have to tackle.

"There's still a ton of projection involved with Jordan Love, just how high the ceiling that he can actually reach and if he can actually take over and be that next guy. There's a lot of pressure that comes along with that," Herman said.

But is Rodgers feeling the same?

"I think there's probably a truth to that but I don't think it changes him too much or I don't think he's losing sleep at night," Herman said with a smile.