Bakersfield teen Stilez Robertson making his mark on motocross and has dreams of turning pro

Posted at 5:36 PM, Oct 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-29 20:42:11-04

Stilez Robertson isn't your typical 14 year old. After all, how many 14 year olds have been interviewed almost 250 times?

He's been riding motocross the past ten years and got on his first bike at the age of just two. "I think back now and I think I was probably pretty naive and stupid," said his mom Stacey. "But it didn't seem odd at the time."
Didn't seem odd and seeing where he is now, it just seems right. Stilez has won almost 50 junior national championships, including four of the prestigious Loretta Lynn's, but earlier this month he picked up his biggest. A super mini win at the Monster Energy Cup in front of nearly 40,000 fans in Las Vegas. 

"When I was probably 11 or 12 I was like 'Man! I can do this! If I work hard and do what I'm supposed to I can do it!" Stilez remembers. That "it" would be turning professional; a dream he first had at the age of 8. He's in the middle of chasing that dream by balancing his home schooling with time working out and training with some of the top riders across the country. "I'm never home," he said. "I'm always either in Florida, Oklahoma or Southern California just training."

Along for the ride is someone who watched him grow up. Hayden Lusk just graduated motorcycle school and was hired to be Stilez's engineer just over a month ago. "He's probably the most grown up 14 year old I know," Lusk said of Stilez. "We're away from home sometimes weeks at a time. I know at 14 I wouldn't do that."

There aren't many 14 year old who represent multi million dollar companies either. Stilez got his first sponsorship at the age of 5 and now can be seen wearing Monster Energy, Kawasaki Team Green, Fox, 100 percent goggles, and as he says, the list goes on and on. 

While he's already seen as one of the best young riders around today, he's not ready to take it easy. "I can't really hang out (with friends), you've got to always be trying to better yourself." 


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