Carr Elite inspires D-I push for local athlete

Posted at 3:28 PM, Apr 22, 2016
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Tomorrow is another Carr Elite football camp. It's a chance for young football hopefuls to rub elbows and learn from the game’s elite quarterbacks both past and present. Moments that can spark a love of the game or in the case of one local player, a springboard for his future.
“You can see it at a young age-if a kid has got it," said Carr Elite's strength and conditioning coach Eric Mahanke. "When you say does a kid got it it’s does he have that drive does he have that passion.”
Centennial junior Cole Beaty was one of those kids. After going to a camp at age ten he committed to his dream of playing college football. “To focus on what I really wanted to do and play college football I decided I had to kick it up a notch and start doing something that really mattered," said Beaty. 
At 10 years old he began training with Mahanke, a local trainer who worked with David and Derek Carr. “We started him off with just doing simple speed work, working with his feet, working with his coordination," said Mahanke. 
Beaty devoted himself to his development, even taking off playing football his 8th grade year to focus solely on the off-field work. Last season, that off-field work was shown on the field.
From kick returns that made him a special teams threat every time he touched the ball to gravity defying catches at wide receiver, this off season Beaty received his first division one offer from the University of Nevada. “It was definitely breathtaking," he said. "I didn’t really know how to handle the situation because i was so excited.”
He hopes it’s the first of many and plans to remain focused on his off season regiment.
“The game has changed from when I was playing or even David or Derek was playing and training has become a lot more important whether it’s on the field skill wise or if it’s in the weight room," said Mahanke. "Now it’s a matter of getting him ready to play in college.”
But before Beaty plays his senior year and then heads off to complete his childhood dream, this weekend he’ll return to the field where it all started and alongside David and Derek Carr maybe inspire the next generation of local football players.
“It meant a lot that they were willing to come back and help us out," said Beaty. "I remember being just a little kid looking up to those kids at the camps that would be helping us out and really thinking that 'If these guys can do it why can’t I?"
For more information on tomorrow's Carr Elite camp click here.

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