Male Athlete of the Week

Posted at 7:42 PM, Feb 04, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-04 22:42:01-05

In basketball the point guard is often seen as the quarterback on the court and Jeremiah Dickerson is just that for the Bakersfield Drillers.

With the Drillers sittin' pretty near the top of the Southwest Yosemite League, Jeremiah did his best to keep it that way Wednesday night. 

Dickerson went off for 18 points, seven rebounds and two assists helping his team tally their 13th win of the season.

But Driller Assistant Coach Dan Walter says that Dickerson's commitment doesn't stop in the gym.

"I drove by his house one night and it was very late, the sun was going down and he has a basketball hoop outside and I saw him actually working on his game. Where I don't even know how he saw the hoop," said Walters.

After a conversation with some of the coaches, they all agreed that Jeremiah is one of the hardest workers on the team, but Head Coach Greg Burt said it's not just his skill that makes him special.

"You know we like to say character wins. And when we have players at his caliber of character, we know we're going to be successful," said Burt.

Jeremiah talked about how his sisters played basketball and that he knows what it means to be competitive and has learned what he needs to do to be at his best.

"It's about success. I've got goals I set at home. If I have bad games, I post it on the top of my wall at home and look at them," said Dickerson.

But as good as he is on the court, he is as humble as they come off the court.

Knowing very well that what he does takes a lot of commitment from everyone in his life, he has set one goal that will benefit someone more than himself.

"None of my three sisters got a scholarship to college and I want to do that for my parents because they do a lot for me. And that's the least I can do," said Dickerson.

With the team in second in their league and a winning record of 5-1 on their side in conference play, Dickerson knows exactly what is on the minds of every individual in their locker room.

"As a team...Valley Championship," said Dickerson.

For this young man character and commitment will go a long way and that is why we presented him with a plaque from Kern Trophies and name him our Male Carl's Jr. Student Athlete of the Week.