Kameron Taylor scores 26 leading BCHS back to section final game; earns athlete of the week

Posted at 6:25 PM, Mar 02, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-02 21:28:19-05

Bakersfield Christian head girls basketball coach Frank Thiessen has been coaching the game for a long time. So when he says, "Kameron is a very special player," it's best to pay attention. 

Eagles' senior guard Kameron Taylor is the top scorer in the valley and other team's know it. "She was double teamed and she was sometimes triple teamed," Thiessen said of how she was guarded in BCHS' semi final.

Despite the added pressure, she was still able to get to the basket and score a game high 26 points admittedly behind a different style of play. "This year I drive to the basket more rather than shooting," she said. 

Her efforts helped the Eagles punch its ticket to Selland Arena with a shot at winning a valley championship. Despite BCHS never having won a title before, having played in Fresno as a sophomore, Taylor knows just how special Friday's game will be. "Just walking into the gym, seeing the audience, the's so big," she said. "It's going to be a fun experience whether we win or not."

Thanks to her ability to pass, rebound and score, coach Thiessen thinks, if ever there was a time to end the drought, Taylor would be the one to help make it happen. "She just has a great eye for the game but she also works very hard at what she does," he said. "She just strives to do the best she can in whatever she does."

It's behind that work ethic that she's hoping to leave it all in Fresno Friday night. #2 BCHS takes on #1 San Joaquin Memorial 3/3 with tip off set for 2:00 PM.


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