Fat head football craze takes over Ridgeview

Posted at 5:23 PM, Dec 11, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-11 20:23:28-05

This season Ridgeview's perfect season has seen plenty of big plays. So much so that in this year's playoffs the Wolf Pack are averaging more than 50 points a game and it's given them a chance to win a state championship. "To have a home game is a blessing," said head coach Dennis Manning who's preparing a game plan for Narbonne Saturday at 7:30 PM. "To still be in it at this level is an awesome experience for our kids."

While players prepare for the biggest game of their lives, it might be surprising to learn that inside the school's graphic arts room, those big plays are helping to inflate Ridgeview's latest trend.

Giant fat heads of the players are held up in the stands during every Wolf Pack game. What started as just a couple requests midway through the season turned into more than seven heads a week being churned out by Cliff Johansen, the graphic arts teacher.

The process is simple enough. Players like freshman Issac Jimenez get their picture taken doing whatever face they want immortalized. Johansen then finds the right size in Photoshop, hits print and cut and pastes it onto a foam board. "I kind of cringe when I see the faces I make thinking 'oh gosh. They're going to be embarrassed," said Johansen.

But players see it as a way to separate themselves from other teams and a means to express their personality. Every. Single. One.

The heads cost just $10 to make and that low cost is helping the fat head craze grow even bigger because everyone wants one. "I think we have an opportunity with what our school does and the technology to let kids be kids," said Manning. "And they're kids so they have fun with it and that's the result."


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