Female Athlete of the Week: Quinn Giesick

Posted at 1:13 PM, Apr 07, 2016
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In softball the winning solution is fairly straightforward; if you have a good pitcher you'll win a lot of games. 

But the position that's often underrated is also vitally important. For Liberty senior Quinn Giesick playing catcher was an obvious choice. "I got a short attention span so I get the ball on every play," said Giesick.

This week it was hard for even the casual fan to not be engaged in every pitch. While Giesick was looking for her first ever win against Centennial, Liberty pitcher Kylee Fahy was pitching so well her teammates couldn't even talk about it. "You don't nudge the person next to you and be like 'Hey she's throwing a no hitter!' You know?" asked Giesick.

Fahy finished the no-no but credits the relationship with her catcher as a big part of her success. "Knowing that you're working your butt off and then you catcher, she's working her butt off for you too," recalled Fahy. "And then she can go and back it up with her hitting."

And it's that hitting where Giesick really stands out. After battling back from injury earlier in the season she's brought a powerful bat to the three spot in the Patriots' order. She's currently on a seven game hitting streak and in Tuesday's win had three hits and a homerun. 

While her bat and glove may stand out, 11 year head coach Henry Arias says her best attribute is her attitude. "On our team we lack that at times," he said. "So it's good to see the girls come in the dugout a little fired up."

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