Condorstown turns into "Connors-town"

Posted at 4:41 PM, Jan 26, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-27 02:41:13-05

Fans were excited this June with the Oilers' first overall pick only to have those hopes crushed when it was found that a rule meant he would never play in Bakersfield. But this week Condorstown is turning into “Connor's-town.”


Connor McDavid, picked number one overall in the 2015 NHL draft, is a 19 year old phenom who’s already touted as the next Wayne Gretzky. Through 13 games for the Oilers he's scored five goals but a broken clavicle this November has the rookie sidelined.


This week his rehab takes him through Bakersfield. "Obviously when you feel good you want to play but that's why I’m here,” McDavid said Tuesday morning. “(I) feel good again back on the ice (looking to) get some contact."


While he’s back on the ice he’s not quite back in the game because of a rule to keep the Canadian Hockey League competitive players drafted under 20 can't play in the AHL.


Although his stay in Bakersfield is brief he's been getting high praise from teammates. "(He) moves the puck well, does everything really well, can score,” said Condors forward Andrew Miller who briefly played with McDavid after he was called up to the Oilers this October. “I think everything that everyone says about him is true."


But even if his visit is short, McDavid said he's enjoying his time with the Condors. "I really like the guys down here. I know them very well just from development camp and stuff like that so it's good to see some of those guys again," he said.


While it was nice for him to see the Condors, Condors fans won't get to see him except on their TV’s. The Oilers are hoping to have him back in Edmonton ready to play February 2nd after the all-star break.


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