Power of Sports: Abby Schechter goes from Garces to Greece for water polo

Posted at 3:00 PM, Aug 02, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-02 18:00:56-04

BAKERFIELD, Calif. — “I feel very honored to be a part of something this big.”

Abby Schechter, a junior at Garces Memorial High School, has been living out her dream in the pool, all while leading the Rams to multiple championships.

And once again she was named to the USA water polo women’s cadet national team.

“I'm super excited to represent my country internationally for the sport that I love,” Schechter said.

Although she’s represented her country before as one of the best water polo players in the nation, this time she’ll get to travel to Greece.

While she’s never traveled that far for the sport she loves, she has gotten used to dedicating a lot to it already.

“Originally, I didn't have a girls team to play with, like, a few years ago, when it wasn't that. Like we didn't have a lot of water polo options for girls, so I would travel two hours to Clovis, and I would practice and go to tournaments with them,” Schechter said.

And she hopes experiences like these with the under 16 national team turn into opportunities for other players like herself.

“To put it on the map for water polo because I do feel strongly about, like needing to grow the sport here especially on the girl's side,” Schechter said.

And her newest head high school coach Eric Marsh knows Abby is helping to create that wave of change in the sport.

“And with the public school systems adding water polo here soon, hopefully it it all those new kids that want to start playing water polo can see Abby, as you know, a role model. I want to be like that one day,” Marsh said.

Whether it’s in Greece or Bakersfield. . Abby Schechter is leaving a legacy.

“The athletes are starting to understand that and recognize that, and, and they're working hard to keep that legacy going and it's showing through Abby as well I mean she's, she's working hard every day in the pool, and obviously every day outside of the pool to get herself better to envision her dream come true, playing for the Olympic team,” Marsh said.

Abby left for Athens, Greece August 31st and will be there with her team for a week.