Active in the tropics, calm here in Kern

June 1st marks the start of Hurricane Season
Posted at 7:18 PM, May 31, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-31 22:18:17-04

The first Hurricane of the Pacific Hurricane Season made landfall in Mexico Monday afternoon.

Hurricane Agatha was a category 2 hurricane upon landfall, and has weakened to just a remnant low as it's making its way across Mexico on Tuesday.

The storm is now poised to enter warm Atlantic waters near the boundary of the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean sea.

If the storm is able to strengthen to a tropical storm over the warm water it will become Alex, the first named storm of the Atlantic Hurricane season, which fittingly begins June 1st.

That's definitely possible, and it's possible the system could impact the US, so we'll be watching it closely this week.

Here in Kern, it's actually an area of high pressure in Mexico that will be affecting our weather.

That high is going to be strengthening and taking control of our weather, bringing in summer-like conditions to the forecast.

We'll be sunny, warm, and calm on Wednesday, with highs in the 90s in the Valley, Desert, and around Lake Isabella.

Even the south mountains will see highs in the 80s.

Thursday will be just as warm, but we'll see some stronger winds in Eastern Kern ahead of slightly cooler weather arriving Friday