Cold start to the weekend, another storm brewing

Rain and snow return by Tuesday
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Posted at 9:40 PM, Dec 10, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-11 00:40:15-05

Our weekend is starting off cold!

Temperatures for most of Kern County outside of Bakersfield will be at or below freezing Saturday morning, and Freeze Warnings are in effect.

We're also tracking the potential for fog, which could actually save a few spots from falling below freezing.

Other than that, it's looking like a calm weekend with highs in the Valley in the upper 50s to near 60.

The calm weather doesn't last long, though.

A strong storm will start to impact the state this weekend, and we'll feel it's impacts in Kern County late Monday night into Tuesday.

It'll take a little longer to reach us here in Kern County thanks to our rain shadow, but rain will begin to fill in county wide by Tuesday.

This system looks to bring heavier rain than our last storm.

Models show anywhere between half and inch and an inch and a half for Bakersfield!

We'll refine that number as we get closer to Monday.

Snow looks likely with this storm, too.

Snow levels will start off around 7,000 feet, but will drop quickly Tuesday night, possibly as low as 2,500 feet.

That means snow at pass level is likely.

It's still to early to forecast snow amounts, but with rain and snow in the forecast you should expect travel impacts Tuesday.

Stay tuned through the weekend for more on this storm!