Winds die down but temperatures stay high this week

Bad air quality for Monday in Kern County


Christmas may be just about two weeks away but it certainly doesn't feel like it! High pressure continues to dominate over California bringing warm and dry temperatures that are well above average for this time of year. Sunday, Bakersfield saw a high of 68 degrees, which is about 10 degrees higher than the average. 

We continue to monitor conditions in Southern California as fires still burn relentlessly. San Diego is gaining control over their fires, which is good timing because their fire weather warning ends Sunday evening. Ventura's fire weather warning goes until Monday evening though. Ventura will see winds picking up through tonight, getting up to about 30 MPH. Humidity remained in the single digits Sunday. Some of that smoke is getting pushed north into Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo, so there is an air quality warning in San Luis Obispo until Monday evening.

Winds have been helping keep this smokey air out of Kern County, however some has still drifted in. This will cause some hazy conditions Monday morning. Our air quality for Monday is technically unhealthy for sensitive groups, however with an AQI of 149, it's just one point away from being unhealthy for everyone. Monday, there is no burning unless you have a registered device.

Our winds will start to die down Monday across Kern County and SoCal, which will be good for fire containment and fire risk. Monday, our southern mountains will see some heavy breezes remain but by Tuesday, most of Kern County will only see about 5-10 MPH winds.

Temperatures will remain very similar to what we felt this weekend, with Bakersfield and the Kern River Valley staying in the upper 60's and our southern mountains staying in the lower 60's the week.  

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