Bad air with dry and warm conditions continue on Wednesday

Bad air continues to impact the county


Today Kern County had bad air quality. It was the first day of the season with a no burning for all ban. Smoke and smog added to the bad air resulting in a fire weather warning that will be in effect until Wednesday afternoon.

It was another warm one in Bakersfield with a high of 64° with sunny and hazy conditions. That will continue for us tomorrow with highs in the mid-60s. KRV will be in the 70s and the south mountains in the high-60s. The air quality is down to unhealthy for sensitive groups tomorrow and there will be no burning unless with a registered device.

The rest of this week, we will be seeing sunshine with mild temperatures during the day and chilly nights because of the clear skies. Saturday has some fresh air moving in with no chance of rain, but our temperatures will be cooling down. Sunday and early next week will be back to high pressure and temperatures back to 10° above average.

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