Heat in the Valley, storms in the mountains

Thursday has been a very busy weather day
Posted at 7:26 PM, Aug 04, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-05 11:56:30-04

It's been a very busy weather day as the two stories we've been tracking, heat and monsoonal moisture, both made their presence felt on Thursday.

Let's start with the heat.

Bakersfield soared to 104° on Thursday, good for day 25 of our heatwave.

This ties us for the 4th longest heatwave of all time (with 1971, 1978, and 2018) and also ties us for the longest heatwave since observations were moved to Meadows Field in 1937.

The only longer heatwaves were 50 days in 1906, 43 days in 1908, and 28 days in 1933.

We could snap our hot streak Friday, though.

Monsoonal moisture will lead to more clouds in the Valley, dropping our forecast high to 99°.

Now lets get more into that moisture.

Showers and storms were frequent across the Kern Mountains and desert on Thursday.

Heavy rain was the biggest issues with the storms.

Over an inch of rain was measure just outside of Tehachapi, and several Flash Flood Warnings were issued.

We're not done with the rain either.

Moisture continues to flow into Kern County Thursday evening.

That means additional showers and storms are expected Thursday night into Friday morning.

While the biggest concerns will be for heavy rain and flooding in our mountain communities, rain cannot be ruled out in the Valley, especially early Friday.

With plenty of moisture still in the forecast, it's important to keep flood safety in mind.

If you're in a flooded area be sure to evacuate to high ground.

Also, never cross flood waters, turn around, don't drown!