Top five places in Kern County to see snow this winter

Posted at 11:41 AM, Dec 27, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-28 11:22:26-05
With the recent snowfall in Kern County and winter still in full swing, here are the top 5 places for you and your family to see and play in the white stuff!
1) Alta Sierra Ski Resort, Alta Sierra - This place received over TWO FEET of snow this past weekend! This helped the resort open this past Monday for anyone who wants to hit the hills on the snowboard or whoever just want to throw a few snowballs.
2)Mountain Park, Tehachapi - There have been a few problems with people trespassing on privately owned land especially in Tehachapi. But, this park is open free to the public! This past weekend Tehachapi received 4-5 inches of snow fall! This park is perfect for those who want to throw a few snowballs in the left over snow and look at the beautiful scenery.
3) Frazier Mountain County Park - This park is also open free to the public as well as a recreation area. This area received 4-8 inches of snow and some spots received more! Even though snow has melted in some spots. This park is in a high elevation where cool weather and shady spots can give a snow lover a chance to enjoy some of the frozen stuff!
4) Greenhorn Mountain, Isabella Lake - This mountain is right near Isabella lake. Because of its high elevation, most of the snow has stuck around in this area which received about 4-8 inches of snow!
5) Brite Lake, Brite Valley - This area is a little lower in elevation but this is also a good public spot to play in the left over snow! The downfall is the snow melts rather quickly do to its elevation.