Warmest weekend of the year so far in Bakersfield

Warm temperatures in the Valley, expected to change next week
Posted at 9:19 PM, Apr 20, 2024

Don’t forget your sunscreen, because the next few days are bringing in the heat!

Following the day’s high of 85° in Bakersfield, Saturday nights’ low is 58° in Bakersfield. Throughout Kern, low temps range as low as 49° in the mountains, up to 59° in the desert.

Sunday’s highs are expected to be pretty similar to Saturday, at 86° in both Bakersfield and Kern River Valley. The mountains are about 10° cooler, peaking at 76°. Meanwhile, the desert has a high of 92°.

Most of Kern can expect a slight breeze Sunday, except for the desert areas, which can expect more gusty winds Sunday night.

The warming trend peaks on Monday, with highs close to 90° in the Valley. Tuesday is expected to bring cooler weather, bringing temperatures back down for next week.

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