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Bakersfield Ronald McDonald House puts Halloween spin on annual donation drive

Posted at 6:02 AM, Oct 23, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-23 13:41:35-04

For Scarlett Sabin, the Bakersfield Ronald McDonald House is where her heart is. She’s not just the director, but a mother who gets what they're going through. She watched as her now completely healthy twenty-year-old son went in and out of the hospital as a newborn.

“You’re expecting to take home this child, and everything is going to be grand…but he was in the hospital for a month the first time, then had surges every two to three weeks until he was six months old,” Sabin said. "So, I know what it’s like. I’ve walked in those parent’s shoes.”

That’s why she helped start the house 12 years ago in Bakersfield. What she describes as a home away from home for families and running a “household” for as many as 16 people takes a certain level of planning and supplies, especially during a pandemic.

“From sanitizers to cleaning wipes, to antibacterial spray, paper towels to toilet paper, everything you use at home, we use here at our house to help our families and keep our house up,” Sabin said.

These are some of the items the house is hoping to receive at the Bakersfield Ronald McHaunted House Halloween donation drive-thru Friday.

With CDC guidelines in place, of course, get ready to see ten new and vintage Fords, Chevys, and Mopars! And in the Halloween spirit, you’ll get some see’s candy, too!

“There will be social distancing with masks. The goal is to dive through, but yes if you want to stop and tour the cars, yes you may,” Mopars of Bakersfield's Lisa Wise said. “Come and have fun. We miss the people, and even if we’re six feet apart and get to see one another, that’s happiest to me.”

Wise hopes to supply the house with resources for six more months. Mopars of Bakersfield has funds set aside to keep expanding the house as they have already, including building a playground for the children.

Before you come over, be sure to check their wishlist of desired items. You can also donate by check, text donations, and cash as well.