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Disney Princess: The Concert brings the magic of Disney to Bakersfield

Disney Princess — The Concert
Posted at 11:33 PM, Jan 30, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-07 01:31:12-05

Disney princesses don’t just sing about being part of our world: February 15, they will become a part of ours.

“I think there’s a magic to disney in and of itself that spans generations, spans political beliefs, spans countries, and can bring people together,” Susan Egan who will perform in Disney Princess: The Concert said.

Susan Egan is speaking from experience: she’s portrayed megara in the original Disney film ‘Hercules’ and even Belle in Beauty and the Beast on broadway.

This February, Egan will be join Anneliese Van der Pol, another belle on broadway and that’s so raven alum, and Arielle Jacobs and Syndee Winters, who have portrayed Aladdin’s Jasmine and the Lion King’s Nala on broadway, respectively, in bringing 12 Disney Princesses to life in over 80 cities in Disney Princess: the concert.

The women will sing classics like a fourth-part harmony of "into the unknown" and debut a new song called “starting now.”

“Into the unknown right now, after everything we’ve all been through, that seems to be the anthem,” Egan said.

“I have to stop myself from crying on stage with these women so I can sing because mental health is so important,” Van der Pol said. “I think about it now in this room now with you, when we’re rehearsing. The warmth and commonality is incredible.”

The quartet will perform in majestic growns while animated versions of the original Disney princesses are projected behind them on an led screen.

“We have the most stunning costumes,” Jacobs said. “We gowns that sparkle everywhere.”

The costumes go beyond royal finery: for those on stage, and whoever may be dressing up in the crowd.

“You’ll see strong brave women who have played these princesses on stage, So you’ll see princess Sydnee, Princess Aneliese, Princess Arielle and Princess Susan, [actually] Queen Susan,” Winters said. “”We'll get to share stories of what is was like to be princesses on stage..

“We are fangirling on these characters just like the audience. We’re sharing our love for these characters together. And I love that we’re passing the torch that now you’re Moana, now you're Jasmine, [and] now you’re Pocahontas.