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Local group wants to show children in hospitals that somebunny cares

The Bunny Love Project collects care bags for children staying in local hospitals. "If I can touch one child's heart everyday, that's my goal," says project founder Rebecca Countryman.
the bunny love project
Posted at 6:07 PM, Jan 30, 2023
and last updated 2023-01-30 21:35:52-05

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KERO) — For many children, the experience of being in a hospital can be a scary one, and that's why the Bunny Love Project is delivering some goodies in an effort to comfort children in the hospital.

Education Director for Anderson Acres Pet Care Rebecca Countryman is the founder and creator of the Bunny Love Project.

"I've had family members that have children in hospitals, and watch that it touches their heart. If I can touch one child's heart everyday, that's my goal and that's what it means to me," said Countryman.

The Bunny Love Project works with Bakersfield Memorial Hospital and Adventist Health to provide comfort bags to the children in local hospitals.

"We've had young ones that have had seizures, and they have had to go into the hospital and be transported all the way to the children's hospital, and they take these bags with them as a part of the comfort to know that someone else cares about them," Countryman said.

Anyone can make a donation, and Countryman welcomes items like books, bags, blankets, and Countryman especially recommends art supplies like sketchbooks and colored pencils, or even coloring books and crayons. The Bunny Love Project even puts a special item in the comfort bags.

"We also put a bunny as in 'Somebunny Loves You,' the Bunny Love Project, in there with the bag, and it is scented, so it's something also for them to be able to cling on to," said Countryman.

Countryman says the overall goal of the Bunny Love Project is to care for the wellbeing of as many children as possible.

"To get as many bags as we possibly can. I'd love to fill up a van, and a van, and a van of bags, and be able to just drive them over to one of the hospitals and say, 'We have the bags for you,'" said Countryman.

Anyone who would like to donate items to the Bunny Love Project, the last day to donate will be February 15. The donations will be distributed to the children the following day. To arrange a donation pickup, visit the Bunny Love Project on Facebook for contact details.