Expert: Cool and wet weather extremely rare for this time of year

Temperatures about 20 degrees below average
Posted at 7:51 PM, May 23, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-23 22:51:55-04

Temperatures have dipped well below average and the National Weather Service is tracking May as a record breaking month.

"We are seeing temperatures, like yesterday in the mid-60s, I mean we are talking 20 to 24 degrees below average," said Meteorologist Andy Bollenbacher.

Bakersfield reached a high of 66° on Wednesday, breaking the record for the "cool" afternoon high of 68° back in 2010.

A cold air funnel was spotted east of Bakersfield Wednesday morning. Experts say that is a common occurrence for this type of weather, but not for this time of year.

Back-to-back winter-like storms have also brought heavy rain and mountain snow this month.

"To have that be happening over and over again in Bakersfield and to actually have the precipitation making it to the ground and not get rain shadowed, is definitely unusual," said Bollenbacher.

According to NWS, Bakersfield rain totals this month are eight times higher than what is typical for May. The snow pack in the mountains is well above average as well.

The abnormal weather is expected to continue through Memorial Day Weekend.

Sunday is expected to be another record breaking day with a "cool" afternoon high forecasted to reach 66°, breaking the record of 68° back in 1998.

Memorial Day will stay cool as well, with temperatures expected to reach the low 70s. The last time Bakersfield saw highs in the low 70s on the holiday is back in 2008.