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Kern Back In Business: Kern Radiology hiring variety of positions at multiple locations

Kern Radiology hiring variety of positions
Posted at 6:34 AM, Oct 14, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-14 11:05:14-04

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. — Kern Radiology is growing. As they expand their available positions are increasing. The growth is from Kern Radiology has merged with Truxtun Radiology. As a result there are now seven locations under the name Kern Radiology. And with these new positions are available to make sure they're fully staffed at all their locations.

Maresa Suarez is an ultrasound technician. She has been caring for patients at kern radiology for the last six months. She said to medical student Carylon Haddock before practice scanning here, "OK, this is going to be warm. I'm going to place the probe right here OK?"

She said she likes her job at Kern Radiology, "The best is your know I get to interact with the patients and generally care about their well being," said Suarez. "Making sure that they are getting the proper care that need for their illness whether it's just a stomach ache to something severe as you know cancer."

Suarez works at one of the seven Kern Radiology facilities in Bakersfield. She said she got her start with Kern Radiology while doing her clinical for High Desert Medical College in Bakersfield.

"And I was fortunate enough to you know be here as a student and then I applied for the position and they offered it to me. So I find it you know as a blessing you know to be here. That I was fortunate you know."

Now Kern Radiology is looking to hire about a dozen new employees, ranging from part-time entry-level employees to skilled technicians like Suarez.

Director of Operations at Kern Radiology, Chip Robinson, said, "Technical staff we're looking for part-time and full-time MRI techs, CT techs, ultrasound techs, nuclear medicine techs. And then on the business side, we need receptionists and schedulers."

Robinson said for the higher up more technical positions, they require the appropriate degrees and certificates, and for the lower positions it's more focused on the soft skills.

"Being bilingual is a big advantage," said Robison. "So we would really be interested in people who speak Spanish and English. And that they can have good diction and be able to learn. And be good with people. That's the main thing. They're going to have to like people."

Robinson said the best way to apply is online. "They can do it right from their home. They go on their computer, they go online they look for R-A-D N-E-T dot com. Look for Bakersfield and they'll see the jobs that are available here locally. And they can click, fill out the application. And that application will come to us, here. We'll see that on our computers. If we're interested in that particular person we'll contact their corporate recruiter who will then contact them to set up an interview.

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