High School senior reflects on last year of school and distance learning

“It is kind of surreal, like it doesn’t really seem real.”
Posted at 4:16 PM, Apr 02, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-02 21:41:06-04

BAKERSFIELD, Calif — Kern County has just finished it's first full school year of online learning and we've learned from teachers, students, and their families that this was not an easy task, but through it all they've remained resilient.

“It is kind of surreal, like it doesn’t really seem real, ” Prentice Boone, senior at Liberty High School, said.

Boone is finishing up his senior year at Liberty High School and for him, the hardest part of his last year was not being able to play football with his team in the fall.

“It was honestly scary. But our coach just told us to keep the hope and the faith, and we kept the faith and we were able to play,” Boone said.

On Thursday, Boone and his team were able to play their second football game of the season, and according to Boone, being able to play again has helped boost his morale.

“It was like bouncing all around the place but then we got football back so that is what has been really keeping a lot of us together,” Boone said.

When asked if he thought online learning was different from being in a classroom setting, Boone said, "Most definitely, most definitely it is way different and that is not even me just saying that i guarantee a lot of people can say the same thing, most definitely it is way different.”

The biggest difference according to Boone, not being able to see friends and peers. He said it has been hard, even with social media.

“I mean now we’ve got like Facetime and games and stuff but you get tired of that, sometimes you really want to be in person or see people, so it kind of gets frustrating a little bit," Boone said.

While this wasn’t what Boone envisioned for his senior year, he is still grateful for the years he has spent at Liberty High School.

“It moves faster than you expect it to and in a blink of an eye you are going to be graduating, so it goes by fast so just cherish the moments that you have in front of you," Boone said.

According to Liberty High School, their seniors are set to graduate on June 9th.