Rosedale Union School District to hold in-person graduation following public health guidelines

Posted at 9:31 AM, Mar 15, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-15 12:31:12-04

It’s a feeling 8th grader Himmut calls indescribable:

They did it. Rosedale Middle School and Freedom Middle School students are graduating in person after a full year in the pandemic.

“It’s not everyday that you do an in-person graduation during a pandemic. I used this word multiple times throughout the pandemic: proud,” Rosedale Middle School 8th grader, Himmut said.” I’ll be proud of myself, my family for getting through it and my fellow classmates."

Last year, Rosedale Union School District held a drive-up graduation parade, but come June 10th, graduation will be closer to the traditional ceremony, which Rosedale Middle School Principal Thomas Board said is thanks to the Kern High School District.

“We’ll want to make it memorable for our students, the gowns, the families present,” Board said. “We always do what we can to make it special with decorations, to really honor the accomplishments of our students, the perseverance and learning through this time.”

As the graduates walk across that stage, get their diplomas, and hear their families cheer them on, you may not be surprised by what you'll see decorated on their graduation caps:

“I’ll put something about how I got through this year, Himmut said.”

“Probably something about COVID,” fellow 8th grader, Gavin said.

“Something about COVID and persevering through,” another classmate, Landon echoed.

“[Something] about how we finally did it and we’re done,” another fellow 8th grader, Jordyn agreed.

Of course, there will be some pandemic-era modifications:

The ceremony will take place on the football fields of Frontier and Liberty High Schools.

Each graduate will be allowed two guests and be socially distanced from other attendees and graduates ahead of time through professional staging.

Details and safety protocols will be finalized with KHSD and in conjunction with guidelines from public health, when the KHSD and RUESD meet about the ceremony in April.