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Bakersfield sees an increase in potholes due to recent storms

Potholes can be an inconvenience for drivers as they can cause serious damage to vehicles which can result in expensive repairs.
Posted: 5:07 PM, Mar 21, 2023
Updated: 2023-03-21 20:18:05-04
Potholes in Bakersfield (FILE)

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KERO) — Potholes can be an inconvenience for drivers as they can cause serious damage to vehicles which can result in expensive repairs.

“We’ve definitely seen a lot of, I’d say, crooked steering wheels and it’s more every time you hit a pothole it takes off that alignment so we definitely see a lot of crooked steering wheels coming in," says Jaycob Mendoza the manager of Big O Tires in Bakersfield.

From alignments to flat tires, and even damaged rims, potholes in Bakersfield are having an impact on drivers with repairs potentially costing hundreds of dollars, depending on the damage.

Mendoza says he has noticed an increase in potholes lately along with the dangers they present.

“I noticed I’m seeing a lot more people start swerving and dodging them as well, but it does make traffic a little more bit harder as well because sometimes they go in opposite lanes.”

Joseph Conroy with the City of Bakersfield says crews are fixing potholes that they are aware of but they need help from the community.

“If the city is aware of it we will go ahead and repair that. We do have teams that go out and do that. However, the best way for us to know about it is for people to tell us, to report it.”

And if you are wondering how to report it?

“The best way is probably through our Bakersfield mobile app that’s free through Apple and Android devices and there is a variety of things that you can report on there but potholes or street damages is one of them,” says Conroy.

In addition to the app, you can report potholes on the city's website. Conroy says they will try and get workers out to potholes to be fixed as soon as possible.

And even though damage to vehicles is good for business Mendoza says as a driver, the streets need to be repaired.

“I would like to see these potholes fixed. It definitely does suck having to go a little bit slower or kind of having to be alert a little more often, and not only the cars around you but definitely now the road and the potholes around you.”

Conroy says if you are driving on roads with potholes it is best to not drive over them, if possible.


According to Kern County Public Works, concrete curbs, gutters, and sidewalks are required on all residential, commercial, and industrial streets.

Surfacing should be asphalt concrete, except in certain circumstances laid out in the standards manual.

Roads are to be graded to a minimum of twenty feet.

And as an alternative, roads may be designed utilizing the requirements of the California Fire Code upon approval by the fire chief.