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IN-DEPTH: Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg has a history of fighting fraud

The current indictment isn't even Bragg's first dance with the former president. In December 2022, Bragg won two guilty verdicts against Trump-owned companies for tax fraud.
Posted: 9:33 PM, Apr 04, 2023
Updated: 2023-04-05 00:33:51-04
Alvin Bragg

NEW YORK CITY (KERO) — Now that former President Donald Trump has been formally charged with nearly three dozen felonies, all related to inadequate or falsified financial documents, attention is turning to focus on the district attorney set to present the court with those charges, Manhattan D.A. Alvin Bragg.

Following Trump's arraignment Tuesday, the office held a press conference where Bragg commented on the case.

"Under New York State law, it is a felony to falsify business records with intent to defraud and intent to conceal another crime. That is exactly what this case is about," said Bragg. "Thirty four false statements made to cover up other crimes. These are felony crimes in New York State, no matter who you are."

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Bragg is the first prosecutor to secure an indictment against a former president of the United States. A native of the Empire State, Bragg grew up in New York City's Harlem neighborhood. He attended Harvard Law School, and became a career prosecutor, first for the state, then for the federal court.

Bragg has already led the way through a broad variety of cases, from ancient antiquities stolen from Egypt to prosecuting Steve Bannon for his fraudulent "We Build The Wall" fundraising scheme.

This isn't Bragg's first run-in with Trump and his manner of doing business, either. In December, Bragg won a guilty verdict against two Trump companies in another criminal tax fraud scheme case.