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US Census: Kern County's population grew about 7% over 10-year period

Census County Population
Posted at 8:59 AM, Aug 13, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-13 11:59:15-04

(KERO) — The U.S. has released data from the 2020 census and Kern County is growing increasing 7.2% over 10 years rising from 839,000 to just over 900,000 people.

54% of residents in Kern identified as Hispanic or Latino in origin.

While the next highest ethnic group is whites with 40.9% of people being a part of that group.

African-Americans and Asians both made up a little over 5%.

California's population grew just over 6%

The Asian population grew more than 25% showing more than six million people in the state are of asian descent.

That's more than the total population of some other states.

The state's white population fell by 24%.

California is one of three states in the country in which the white population is not the largest ethnic group.

Hispanics passed whites in 2015 and grew by 11% over the past decade.

U.S. census data released