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Importance of supporting Black businesses

“I feel it’s very important because of our history and just where we come from. "
Posted at 9:44 PM, Feb 04, 2022
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BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KERO) — Here at 23ABC we are making sure to highlight voices within the Black community.

23ABC’s Rosaura Simone sat down with Dr. Salisbury and two local business owners to learn why it’s important to support Black businesses.

“It’s not true that Black people are doing well. What is happening is that, with all ethnic groups, Black people are starting to have a significant group of have’s and a larger group of have not’s,” Dr. Tracey Salisbury, Assistant Professor of Ethnic Studies at CSUB.

One way CSUB Professor Dr. Salisbury said we can end that, is by creating businesses within the Black community and supporting them for generations to come.

“I feel it’s very important because of our history and just where we come from. The struggles that we’ve had, to say ‘I’m supporting my sister or my brother in their business’ means everything,” said Jenene Shears, Owner of Crowned Boutique.

Jenene Shears owns Crowned Boutique where she specializes in braids and hair extensions.

She said the idea for the shop came to her in a vision.

“I actually saw myself with a beautiful ball gown on, and I was bending over to pick up my crown and I said, ‘wow that’s it, that's what I’m supposed to do I’m going to go in and beautify women.’”

At Crowned Boutique, Jenene makes sure you don’t only leave with a hair wash but that you leave feeling like royalty.

Business owner Therese Dozier said she created LUVSPUN to fill a need. Her children are on the autism spectrum, and she said there are certain dyes from cotton candy that they couldn't have.

“It’s made with raw organic sugar, there are no dyes it’s made with pure love,” said Therese Dozier.

Dozier said with the creation of this company she is able to leave behind a legacy.

“One of the ideas for me was to be able to create generational wealth one of the things that my grandparents and parent have been so thoughtful to do is provide opportunity and wealth to pass down to the next generation,” said Dozier.

CSUB Professor Dr. Salisbury said that it’s going to take thinking like that to move the Black community forward

“We are facing that it’s going to take a lifetime for us to learn the power of the Black dollar.”

Black History Month
Black History Month

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