Kern County Public Health Department warns against posting vaccination cards on social media

Officials say medical records should be kept private
Posted at 2:56 AM, Mar 19, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-19 08:18:37-04

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. — More and more people are becoming eligible to get their COVID-19 vaccine but the Kern County Public Health Department has concerns about the way some are celebrating. People are posting their vaccination cards on social media but officials say we shouldn’t.

"As celebratory as, you know, the event of getting the vaccine can be, it certainly does pose a risk to put this type of information out on social media," said Public Relations Officer Michelle Corson.

Vaccination cards show more than just your name and birth date. They show medically sensitive information like your vaccine lot number, clinic location and the type of vaccine you were given.

“This is all really important information that is not meant to be shared with the world. This is very private information. This is part of your medical record," said Corson.

She said identity theft has become an especially big issue during the pandemic. Plus, people could use your social media post to forge a fake vaccination card.

“If anyone were to go to the extent of trying to, you know, duplicate your card and go and get that additional vaccine, we know [that] folks are capable of a lot of things and we just wouldn’t want this information to get in the wrong hands," said Corson.

So while you may be excited to post about your vaccine, remember that sharing your vaccination card on social media means you’re posting medical information.

“We would just advise you to celebrate in a different way. We think it’s fantastic that people are excited and want to go online and say, “Look, I got my COVID vaccine,'" said Corson.

Corson said some vaccination clinics hand out stickers you can post with, or look at different social media platforms to see if they have a frame or filter.