Local coronavirus patient speaks out about family's experience testing positive, mother is currently hospitalized

Posted at 1:03 PM, Apr 03, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-04 02:38:42-04

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. — "I didn't take it seriously until my mom told me she was diagnosed with COVID-19," said Jamie Rosenblad, a local patient who has tested positive for coronavirus.

Rosenblad, 19, says she and her grandparents have also tested positive for COVID-19 after showing symptoms for a week.

Rosenblad shares her mother is now fighting for her life at Bakersfield Heart Hospital. Hospital officials confirm that Mundy is a patient.

Rosenblad and her Grandparents are now self-isolating, unable to see or speak to Mundy.

"The last couple of days have been hard. My mom is the one in the hospital with the coronavirus," said Rosenblad. "She is in a medically induced coma, she is heavily sedated and on a ventilator."

Rosenblad says her mother has other underlying health conditions, such as lung disease, and was at high-risk for contracting the virus.

She explains that her family took all precautions, stayed in the house, and are unsure of how they got it.

Rosenblad exclusively tells 23ABC that at some point in May of 2015 or 2016, her mother had to be hospitalized for 30 consecutive days and almost died three times.

She said her mother had a pulmonary embolism in her lungs and it became septic.

"It took her a few years to get back on her feet, then this happened," said Rosenblad.

Things took a turn for the worse last weekend, according to Rosenblad.

She says her mother Facetimed her, while they were both at home and she was unable to speak.

According to Rosenblad, she walked into her mother's room to find her blue and struggling to breathe.

Rosenblad called it the longest hour of her life.

"She was coughing and choking and gasping for air," Rosenblad said. "I had to call the ambulance. They didn't get there first, the fire department did and they couldn't come inside because of the at-risk factor for them."

Rosenblad said it was up to her to get her mother outside.

"That was the scariest thing because I felt like that her life depended on me," she said. "People need to know the severity of it or you don't understand or realize how scary it is until it's you or your family member."

Family members have also set up a meal train account to help assist them during this time. For more information follow this link.