Veronica Morley

Veronica Morley

23ABC News

Senior Reporter


Veronica is your Bakersfield Neighborhood News Reporter!

Veronica joined 23ABC as a morning show producer in 2018. As a Bakersfield native, she was excited to get to report and cover important stories for the community she'd grown up in. As a reporter, she continues her passion for working in the community she loves.

Veronica loved working behind the scenes of a news broadcast. Working with dedicated reporters, anchors, and producers only continued to spur her love for news. She loves telling stories and soon, her passion made her yearn to be able to get involved in story-telling.

In 2019, Veronica moved to the digital team for 23ABC, where she worked on and off-air on important stories and breaking news. One of her responsibilities early on as a digital producer was coverage of the Leslie Chance murder trial.

Now as a reporter, she enjoys telling stories from the community and hopes to build her experience as an in-depth and investigative reporter.

Veronica is a graduate of CSUB in Bakersfield, Calif. Before that, she attended Centennial High School, where she was an AP student and athlete, competing in sports like Track, Cross Country, and Soccer.

At CSUB, she worked as the Features Editor, Managerial Editor, and Multi-Media Editor. In fact, during her last semester going to school at CSUB, she'd already begun her career with 23ABC working overnight as a producer.

Outside of the newsroom, Veronica loves spending time with her loved ones and her dogs. With her family in town, she cherishes the opportunities to spend free time with them enjoying the various joys of Bakersfield.

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