Parents, student react as KHSD postpones in-person instruction, activities

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Posted at 11:06 PM, Dec 01, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-02 11:36:23-05

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. — Students and staff with the Kern High School District will have to return home once again as district officials announced Tuesday they will pause in-person learning and sports by the end of the day Wednesday.

Parents agreed that Tuesday's decision made by the Kern High School District was fair, but they still shared their frustrations for students, especially those in their senior year.

Pauline Perales

Pauline Perales, a mother of three, shared her frustrations with the ongoing changes of the current climate within the school system. She added that her daughter, a senior at Ridgeview, has had similar thoughts.

"Give me a starting point at all, just give me something," she said. "It's almost negative when I give her news about anything. Like 'hey, it got pushed back.' You know it's expected already. She doesn't even think she's going to go back to school at all."

Although Perales said she would send her child back to school in a heartbeat, she does believe that the decision made by the Kern County High School District was a fair one.

"Until all kids can go and all activities are included I don't think it's fair that only some should be included," said Perales. "I don't understand why Bakersfield has 30, 40, 50 different school districts and everyone gets to do their own thing. If one can go, all should go."

On Tuesday, KHSD released a statement saying that due to a rise in COVID-19 cases across the state and county, the district "will pause in-person instruction, in-person assessment services, and athletics/activities for all students and staff at the end of the day on Wednesday, December 2, 2020."

Centennial High School

Over at Centennial High School, student-athlete and high school junior Brett Yachovich said the news doesn't come as much of a shock to him.

"It's frustrating to hear but I understand they're just trying to protect people," Yachovich said.

Yachovich said even though he understands the thinking behind the decision, it still comes with challenges.

Brett Yachovich

"Online school is tough. I'm not really the biggest fan of it," he said. "My faith in Jesus Christ is really what's keeping me so positive at this point."

Along with his faith, Yachovich said the possibilities in the future allow him to stay optimistic.

"I hope that a vaccine will come soon and we then we will be able to go to school safely," he said.

Yochavich's father, Brian, who is also an assistant coach at Centennial High School, said he believes this decision made by KHSD was fair but it hurts him to see so many students miss out on some unforgettable years.

High School Students

"Something that those kids all their life look forward to is their senior year. All the activities especially that very end of the school year: prom, going to Disneyland," said Brian Yochavich. "So you really feel for those kids. They've been robbed of it."

"You work so hard your entire student career and to come to the end of it and really there's nothing," added Perales.

District officials said distance learning and virtual support services for all students will remain in effect until it's safe and appropriate to resume in-person instruction, supports, and services.