Tattoo shops can now reopen with Kern County in red tier

Tattoo shops are now allowed back open with Kern County in red tier
Posted at 1:08 AM, Oct 18, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-18 04:08:23-04

BAKERSFIELD,Calif. — The sound that many residents have been waiting for has finally arrived.
Tattoo shops are now back after Kern County has met the qualifications to move into the red tier this week.
Some customers have been waiting for months for this moment.
"I am very excited and stoked," said Kelli Gideon, a customer.

The Mad Dog Tattoo shop located in the heart of downtown has been there for 25 years.
The shop shares they have been open nearly every day until the pandemic hit.
The owner says they are grateful to have their doors open again, but still, have concerns that another closure could occur.

"I have people that still won’t come back to work, not because they are collecting unemployment, but they really want to make sure this pandemic is over," said the owner of Mad Dogg Tattoo.
"I am down from eight people tattooing to just two."

Despite the challenges, the owner says customers have remained loyal.
Throughout the closure, he still received nearly 200 calls a day with customers looking for his services.

One customer shared she felt comfortable seeing guidelines being practiced in the shop and had this to say about them being back.

"Honestly, I am a little surprised they are open and thought they would be the last people to open, but I'm happy," said Victoria Ybarra, a customer.

The shop wants to remind customers of their safety measures which includes everyone they are required to wear a mask.

"What we do already is pretty intense with the barriers, plastic, coverings, and making sure every surface is protected," said the owner.

"Anytime a client touches anything it's discarded, including single-use needles and gloves. We have been doing that since day one and it's funny how restaurants have to do what we have been doing for years."