Domestic Violence Awareness event, cruise to be held next weekend in memory of Audrey Rivera

Posted at 4:02 AM, Mar 29, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-29 10:52:21-04

BAKERSFIELD,Calif. (KERO) — Her name was Audrey Rivera. She's a mother of four. A lover of old-school cars. But she's also a domestic violence victim who lost her life just a year ago. Now her family is organizing a memorial cruise drive for her, and to bring awareness to domestic violence.

"I miss her so much and I miss going with her Sunday night cruises and I miss doing stuff with her," said Audrey Rivera's daughter, Lucy Ramirez.

Lucy is Rivera's eldest daughter and as her family says the spitting image of her late mother. although Lucy has managed to remain an honor student In the midst of her mother's passing she says time has not healed her pain.

"Makes me happy that I do look like her. I have my good days and bad days. And when people say that I look like her it reminds me of everything bad that has happened."

Lucy is one of the three remaining children of Audrey's, along with Arianna and Elias, the toddler who was kidnapped by his father the night that KCSO says he is to have believed to have shot Audrey, who was nine-month pregnant at the time. The unborn child - Josiah - would also die.

"It's been emotionally draining. I have her kids to keep me going," said Audrey's mother, Patty Flores. "Elias, her son, he started school and is talking more. In the beginning, he didn't talk much after it happened. Now he's going to speech classes."

In the midst of their grief, the family is organizing a memorial cruise for her on April 10th starting at 2 p.m. at Mountain View Junior High School in Weedpatch. Her cousin, Venus Enriquez says her death will not be in vain and they want to provide resources for other domestic violence victims.

"To provide additional resources or information for domestic violence and what resources there are because I think so many times so many people feel alone. And I think honestly that a lot of people don't realize what resources are out there for you. So we are trying to make those connections. And as I said with the community if you have a resource at a shelter or a contact that you want to share, give that information."

The family is asking all who attend to wear purple in honor of domestic violence awareness and as the anniversary of her death approaches on Easter Sunda her family has this message for her.

"Sometimes it makes me feel happy and we are lonely," said daughter Arianna. "If there was anything I could have did I'm sorry that I didn't. if there were signs I missed. I cherish her. Her memories."

Please, see the attached flyer for information.