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Lines and Ballots: In-Person Voting on Super Tuesday

Many voters in Taft are choosing to cast their ballots in person, fueled by shared doubts towards mail reliability.
Posted at 8:36 PM, Mar 05, 2024
  • Shared skepticism among west kern county residents, towards mail-in options on Super Tuesday.


This super Tuesday at Taft Westside Rec and Park District, numerous individuals came to cast their votes in person. There are several polling places here in Taft and Maricopa. A line of people came through on election day to cast their votes in person, telling me it's the best way they know, to exercise their right to vote.

“It's my duty to vote and I want to have a voice” says Sharon Rea.

Sharon Rea isn't the only one driving to one of several polling places in Taft. Many residents I spoke to said they wanted to ensure their votes were delivered in person and on time, and make a meaningful impact.

“I think it is more reliable in person than mailing the ballot,” says

Steve Martinez says he's a strong believer in the country and its constitution. Part of that belief and responsibility is delivering his vote in person, as he has been doing since he became eligible. This sentiment resonated with many others including David Green who has been exercising his voting rights since 1972. Green tells me he doesn't trust the mail service and highlights his preference for the hands-on experience of voting in person.

“It gives you that tangible feeling of actually being involved in the voting process knowing that your vote is going to be counted,” continues Green.

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