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Arvin High Football Team has dedicated this season to Coach Hallum

But this season has been more than just bringing home the title the 'Bears' are giving their all -- in memory of their former coach—Larry Hallum.
Posted at 6:37 PM, Nov 13, 2023
and last updated 2023-11-14 09:19:37-05
  • Video shows Arvin High School's Football Coach, Robert Riley explaining what is motivating the team this season.
  • The football team is focused on making it to this season's championship in memory of their former coach—Larry Hallum.


Arvin High School is the top seed in the Division Six Valley Playoffs and is one win away from the championship game!

But this season has been more than just bringing home the title the 'Bears' are giving their all -- in memory of their former coach—Larry Hallum.

“Last year, we lost an important figure in our community, Larry Hallum. At the beginning of this year, we dedicated this year to him,” said Head Coach for the Arvin High School football team, Robert Riley.

From singing the school's fight song to giving pre-game speeches, Riley says that Coach Larry Hallum was passionate about Arvin High School and always inspired students.

“He'd tell everybody to, 'Suck your neck in like a gorilla,' and so the kids would just be cracking up, but you would hear him yelling on the sideline,” said Riley. “Everybody out here loves him, and these kids are ready to go to war for him.”

Jack Kaisenger, is an Arvin High School senior and a wide receiver on the team and says Coach Hallum always supported the school and the football team.

“He was my mom’s teacher back in the day when she attended Arvin High and I always heard him in the stands in every game. He was just a big part of this community and really cheered us and really supported us,” said Kaisenger.

This Friday, the Bears are facing Strathmore High School, a team that has knocked them out of the playoffs in previous years.

“They're a run-heavy team. They have a good running back and a good quarterback. I think it's going to put our front seven on defense whether we can get after him on the ground,” stated Riley.

Though facing a tough opponent, Riley says the Bears have been committed to training both on and off-season and even on weekends.

“Our quarterback has two thousand yards passing, which is something that hasn't been done at Arvin in a long time. One of our wide receivers, Jack Kaisenger has over one thousand yards receiving, so being able to be more dynamic than we've been in the past has helped a lot,” said Riley.

Adding to the team's motivation—is being able to play at home and with the community's support.

“When everybody gets behind you and is excited about football that's a powerful thing,” stated Riley. “You have everybody in one town believing in you, everybody pushing in the same direction, and everybody is fired up for football and can't wait for Friday night.”

The semi-final match-up kicks off at Arvin High on Friday night at 7 p-m.

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