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Arvin PD announces collaboration with the new Wasco PD

APD says the collaboration between the two agencies has increased the number of units on patrol in Arvin which has improved safety
Posted at 8:09 PM, Jan 25, 2024
  • Video shows collaboration between Arvin PD and Wasco PD.
  • Arvin PD is hosting Wasco PD for training as they prepare to re-open the Wasco Police Department.
  • The partnership will benefit both departments when it comes to handling police functions, training and working relationships between agencies


A cooperative environment is what Arvin Police Department and the new Wasco Police Department hope to achieve with their latest collaboration. The partnership between the two agencies looks to prepare Wasco PD to commence patrol in their city and enhance Arvin PD's capabilities.

It's a sound you may hear more frequently in Wasco with their newly formed police department. But before WPD hits the streets full time, they are getting some help from Arvin PD.

"Chief of Police Ghazalpour offered to Chief Fivecoat, 'Hey why don't you bring your officers down here and your sergeants and let them work the Arvin area, get the experience and get out on the roads see what it's like,'" said Arvin PD's Deputy Chief of Police Brian Smith.

Priscilla interviewing WPD

Smith told 23ABC that the collaboration between the two police departments has increased the number of units on patrol in the community which he hopes will improve safety.

"Anytime you can have more patrol out there you're going to have less thefts, you're going to have less stolen vehicles, you're crime rate is just going to drop," stated Smith.

In addition to lowering crime, Smith told me that this collaboration is also establishing and improving relationships between the departments which facilitates investigations.

"The investigative information is always helpful as well, what other agencies come up with in investigation we put into a system and other agencies can see that same information," explained Smith. "It works so well that we have captured felons because of information that we've gained from other departments."

According to Smith the collaboration between the two agencies demonstrates the commitment the law enforcement agencies have for the community. He added that Arvin residents can expect to see Wasco officers on patrol until the department officially opens.

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