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'Los Tarascos' A Family Ran Restaurant in Lamont

This local restaurant opened three months in Lamont and has been serving traditional Michoacan style dishes.
Posted at 6:31 PM, Nov 08, 2023
and last updated 2023-11-09 11:21:49-05
  • Video shows Los Tarascos Birrieria y Mas a restaurant in Lamont entirely ran by family.
  • Victor Ballesteros and Juvenal Magaña became friends in 2017 and have worked together ever since.


This local restaurant opened three months in Lamont and has been serving traditional Michoacan style dishes.
Los Tarasco's Birrieria y Mas is a Mexican restaurant ran entirely by a family.

One of the owners of the restaurant, Victor Ballesteros says their secret to success is working as a family—in fact two families. Ballesteros and his wife Laura and his co-owner Juvenal Magaña and his wife Isabel Márquez.

"There’s lots of Mexican restaurants here in Lamont, but what sets our restaurant apart is that its ran by a family whereas other restaurants don’t have that family element," said Ballesteros.

The co-owners first met while working at Magaña’s food truck. Then, Ballesteros was given the opportunity to open his own brick and mortar and looked to his friend for advice.

"He was the first person I called to tell him about this project and with no doubt he supported me," said Ballesteros.

One of the traditional dishes on their menu is birria—a meat stew made out of beef or goat. A dish that according to Google Trends has gained popularity in the united states in the last 5 years.

"We make the traditional birria stew which is made out of goat and we also have the steamed birria that is cooked for approximately 6 hours in a pit," explained Ballesteros.

In recent years, this traditional dish has been added to other foods like quesadillas—hence quesabirrias and most recenlty to ramen as done by Dell Taco.However, Ballesteros says that the secret to this family’s birria recipe is that customer get to experience the essence of Michocan style cooking.

"We’re from a town near Jalisco and birria is a popular dish in the state of Jalisco especially in Tecatitlan," said Ballesteros. "The people of our town started selling this dish and brought the recipe’s from Jalisco with them and now it’s just very popular."

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