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6th annual Phenomenal Women's Conference scheduled in honor of Women's History Month

Conference to be held at the Doré Theatre on March 17th
Posted at 5:36 PM, Feb 21, 2024
  • Video shows activities, panels and speaker sessions at past conferences
  • It's all about helping empower women to achieve their dreams. That's what organizers Janell Burton and Crystal Madden say about the Phenomenal Women's Conference they plan to hold in March.

Here at the Doré Theatre at Cal State Bakersfield on March 17th, you’ll find all the tools to become phenomenally you.
That’s what the organizers of the Phenomenal Women's Conference say they hope to achieve with their 6th annual women’s event.

“Originally it just started off as getting women together and just celebrating our wins, just taking a picture and kind of networking a little bit, but then it grew into something bigger,” Janell Burton, one of the conference organizers said.

Dominique Lavigne interviewing Phenomenal Women's Conference organizers
Dominique Lavigne interviewing Phenomenal Women's Conference organizers

Janelle Burton, the organizer of the Phenomenal Women’s conference says the widespread positive reception from the community fueled it's growth.

“Life is a learning process, so I think it’s important that we give and get from each other,” Burton said.

She invited her childhood friend, Crystal Madden to help with the conference during the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

They plan activities and panel sessions, and together, they share their story with the attendees as a way to encourage them through challenges.

“I was a young teenage mom. I had my first child at 19,” Madden said.

She tells me through hard work, she was able to support her family and start her career, and she’s using her testimony to inspire others.

“I want you to see where I was and all of the late nights and the tears and the frustrations and all of those things that got me to where I am now.”

That’s where Madden says she found her true passion, and Burton agrees.

“I had women speak into my life, and I would like to speak into other young ladies' lives as well or other women," Burton added. "We all have different paths, and I think it’s important to share with each other.”

Tickets cost $50 and registration closes on March 5th.

You can find the tickets on Eventbrite.

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